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New Swiss Backpack Design Promising Secure, Organized Belongings Offers Discounts through Crowdfunding

Newly designed Citytube backpacks provide a solution to overstuffed pockets with convenient compartments for belongings like keys, smartphones, and even tablets and keyboards. Those who support the designer’s crowdfunding campaign receive big discounts.

SWITZERLAND - New Swiss-designed Citytube bag is promised to be the most practical bag in the world, helping to ease the burden placed on pockets struggling to hold essential belongings like keys, wallets, smartphones and more. Designer Markus Brunner has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ending November 2 to unveil his design, offering discounts to supporters.

The Citytube’s unique design is separated into two main sections – the front and the back storage areas. The front storage area of the Citytube consists of a pocket large enough to stow a seven-inch tablet. It also has a rollmatic key chain system enabling wearers to find and use their keys in a quick, easy motion. Inside the front pocket, there is a five-inch pocket for smartphones and wallets. In the back storage area of the Citytube, there is one large pocket big enough for an umbrella, clothing or a keyboard. With an adjustable belt, the overall design of the Citytube is practical for both men and women of any size.

Security is an important feature of the Citytube design, with the wearer’s most important items in the front pocket. “Keeping your wallet, phone and keys in your field of vision deters pickpockets,” said Markus. “Your most important items are always at hand without having to remove or rotate the bag.” Citytube bags are offered in three different materials – regular backpack fabric, Neoprene and Kevlar in a variety of colors. Markus plans to offer variations on his design, such as a 10-inch back storage area with a hard case.

Supporters of Markus’ crowdfunding campaign have six levels of discounts available to them. The first two levels of giving $20 or $40 give supporters a 20 percent or 40 percent discount on a Citytube purchase, respectively. The next level of giving, $99, gives supporters a free Citytube bag made from regular backpack fabric. The fourth level of giving, $125, gives supporters a Neoprene Citytube bag while the fifth level of giving, $150, gives supporters a Kevlar Citytube bag. Finally, the highest level of giving, $350, gives supporters three Citytube bags – one of each available material.

About Citytube:

Designed by Markus Brunner, Citytube is a new type of backpack giving users quick access to their belongings. The Citytube bag is 100 percent Swiss-made from its design to its manufacturing. For more information or to give to the crowdfunding effort at Indiegogo ending November 2, visit igg.me/at/citytube.

What is Citytube?

The Citytube is a backpack in a new form. The first collection target is to be the more practical as possible in the allday needs. It means, things that everyone needs in the allday at fast and easy reach. Smartphones that get bigger and bigger can't find place in the pockets anymore, Wallets derange in the back pocket and keys are never where you think they are.For these reasons and more was the citytube designed. Tru the special form from the citytube and tru extra specific inside pockets you have the important things to you at an easy and fast reach.

The city tube is divided in two parts. First you have a front pocket. In it you find: your keys hanging at a rollmatic key chaine system. With this system you can grab your keys in two moves , open your door and let them disapear in to your citytube as fast. You don't need to search your keys again they will be hanging in your citytube. The next compartment has the mass up to 5" wide to stow phones easily. The last compartment can be used for the wallet. And Tablets till 7" find their place directly in the front pocket. The Citytube has another large pocket which is located on the back. In it you can put a umbrella or clothing such as shirts, or even a keyboard. The belt is adjustable and can vary at will and requires, tighter or wider.


Your most important things you carry in Citytube always in your vision field. This makes it difficult for pickpockets and other to steal your stuff. Thus smartphone, keys and wallet are always well protected and also always ready to hand. If you are standing at a casse and you need your wallet , you do not need to take off the bag. You also do not need to rotate it forward, or get in a confusing bag search. Open the front zipper pocket, pull out your wallet from the intended compartment and pay. So just like with the locked door, or the phone ringing. The Citytube will be designet, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. It is a 100% Swiss Made product.


The first objective is to produce a series in three different materials. Normal backpack fabric, Neopren and Kevlar. A Citytube Kevlar would provide further protection for the person, since a large part of the upper body is automatically covered by the shape of Citytube. Next, various colors for interior and exterior materials would be available in order to obtain an individual bag. The Citytube is also sold through an online store, in which it will be possible via a configurator to put together your citytube individually. By adding other materials and colors more variations are possible. As a final goal different models will be offered. As an example, one version for 10" Tablet. On this model the bag is extended on the back and comes with a hard case.


A first prototype is produced. About 45 minutes drive away is a company focusing on the production of specialized bags and protective clothing. First contacts have already taken place. The company tailors will do a professional prototype with all the changes and requirements that have already been collected. In addition, professional CAD drawings and patterns will be created. The next step would be already the production of the 1st Series to be able to send you your Citytube as soon as possible.

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